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Journey to SELF
Youth Program

The Foundations

Our youth need tools to manage their future from the inside out. Leadership skills such as self-awareness, mindfulness, empathy, and resilience are rapidly becoming increasingly essential competencies for the road ahead.


Wisdom From The Edge™ whose programs for educators are being finely tuned for a youth leadership program is creating an extension of their successful youth Anti-Bullying, Service, and Spiritual Empowerment programs.


  • Our program is designed to build leaders by developing self-awareness and elevating inner confidence in an experiential, supportive learning environment, expanding inner balance and healthy thinking.

  • Sixteen principles in a 2-part program totaling 16 weeks will be taught weekly in person and virtually.

Support Group

Program Goals

Why Choose This Program?

Our youth are challenged with the ability to make sound, ethical decisions in the face of the ever-increasing stress and instability of our world, including the constant threat of (cyber)bullying (including skyrocketing cyber-bullying), violence, poverty, racism/discrimination, and a worldwide pandemic. Young people have the power to create a better future through their individual and united efforts.

We equip youth with tools such as meditation, mindfulness, grounding, resilience, courage, conflict resolution, forgiveness and gratitude to empower themselves from the inside out.


Journey to Self 

Provides students with mental and emotional foundations to navigate obstacles on a personal level, and become inclusive and confident leaders.


Program Offerings

This program will focus on facilitating students with the self-mastery content presented in the "The Greatest Gift" - An exceptional resource to equip youth with the greatest self-mastery tools.

It will empower them to get closer to attaining the greatest version of themselves and  catapult them to the next level of conscious living, where they will experience life with enthusiasm, deep joy, and profound fulfillment.  

What is required is commitment and engaged presence.

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