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WFTE Brochure Pictures.png

About Us

We are 501(c)3 non-profit Mastery School empowering individuals who are ready to break free from limiting beliefs and unlock their limitless potential. Our program offers a transformative journey into self-discovery, guiding participants to move beyond perceived barriers and leap towards the life they aspire to lead. With a commitment to personal growth, our community provides a nurturing space for introspection and self-discovery.


By expanding perspective and understanding some of humankind's most perplexing questions, we can discover the next generation of human capability with equanimity, compassion, and insight.


Translate ancient wisdom into contemporary insights rooted in scientific principles and self-reflection tools to deliver profound, measurable outcomes. 


Our vision is to advance humanity to reach unprecedented heights through helping individuals master their minds.

Brazelton, L (150 of 159)_preview.jpg

Lisa M. Brazelton

President & Chair, Head of Education Committee

Sana Rehmat (Headshot).jpg

Sana Rehmat

Marketing Manager

Research Analyst

IMG_6711 2.jpg

Chris Noble

Musician, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur & Coach

Sebastian (3).jpg

James Williams

Senior Facilitator & Coach

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