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Master Your Mental Well-being


By fostering resilience, happiness, and untapped potential through mindfulness, self-regulation, and awareness, we ignite a revolution that empowers lives within communities, organizations, and school systems.

Our Programs provide you with


A shift in perspective to gain confidence and clarity over life.


Transforming obstacles into strength and ability to move through life's challenges.


Awareness to align with the greatest version of yourself.

Transformational Ecosystem Model in Schools

Wisdom From The Edge is an educational, 501(c)3 non-profit aiming to achieve a transformational culture that supports Mental Health through Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Self Regulation, and Restorative Practices by way of institutional, instructional, and individual initiatives to cultivate a robust and transformational shift within a School Ecosystem.


We want to create a holistic and empowering educational environment that fosters the growth and development of:

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Administrators

  • Parents

  • Community

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Hear From Our Founder

Lisa M. Brazelton

Ways to get involved


Our programs provide you with the ability to unleash your hidden strengths.


Our community will support you through out your self-mastery journey


Help us in supporting others  who are suffering by sponsoring them.

Our Programs

Trees and Mountains


Happy Teachers Program

Teachers influence around 3,000 students during their career, however, in 2022 over 67% wanted to leave their jobs due to overwhelm, burnout and high stress. Our programs provide essential training to educators who want to master inner balance, and continue making a positive impact on children.

This is one of our most popular programs.


Youth Violence Prevention Program

Recent studies reveal that 1 in 4 children in the U.S. have witnessed violence or abuse against a caregiver before age 6, and 23% of children aged 6-17 have been bullied in the past year, highlighting the urgent need to address violence prevention in children. Our program is designed to equip our children with the tools to be able to support themselves in difficult situations.


Other Programs & Workshops

We have a wide range of programs and courses for nonprofits, corporations, groups, teachers, and coaches to help them with their specific needs. Our programs include:

  • Building Blocks of Mindfulness Workshop

  • MANifest Program

  • Happy Coaches Lead Winning Teams

  • Stop, Pause, Breathe Series

  • Youth Public Speaking

  • Unlocking your  Inner Superhero

  • Empowering Youth Program

  • Self Mastery Program


Customize Your Program

We offer a range of programs and courses that can be tailored to meet our client's specific requirements. Our courses are designed to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring that our clients receive the training that is relevant and most beneficial to their needs. With our customized approach, we aim to deliver effective and efficient training that helps our clients achieve their organizational goals.

Mindful Giving

Here is how you can join hands with us to support the individuals in need:

Sponsor a Cohort



Sponsor a small cohort of 8 teachers for our Happy Teachers Program.



Your donations will help us cover the program fee for 8 individuals.


Plus help them receive CEU credits to master their mental well-being.




Sponsor a teacher, a student, or a coach for one program, every

5 weeks.



Your donations will help us cover the program fee for 1 individual.


You can sponsor as many individuals as you desire.

One-Time Donation

You can support us by making a one-time donation to WFTE


Every donation expands our reach to help integrate self-care practices for educators, students, coaches, and underserved community members, and bring mindfulness soft skills to under served communities.

Your Support.
Your Impact.


Students Impacted


Individuals Influenced


Teachers Trained


Music Teacher

- Retired Teacher

“I hope people can see how wonderful your programs are and what a difference you are making for CPS students and faculty. I sure didn’t have anything like this either as a teacher or student”

Teacher in Classroom


“I value your knowledge and your unique way of helping the students and teachers. Thank you for being a positive role model to everyone you come in contact with.”

Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

- Student

“Today I decided to be vulnerable during a reflective consultation at work.  My team was supportive and I felt liberated.  I allowed myself to be my authentic self.  It was an amazing feeling.  I am not scared or worried about what people think or say about me.  I am worthy and allowed to tell my story”

We can create a meaningful impact NOW!
Your donations will help us expand our reach and create a positive change.

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