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Youth Public Speaking Program

Empower Your Voice, Ignite Your Potential

Are you ready to take your presentation skills to the next level and achieve your goals?

Join our online training session and learn from an experienced professional who will equip you with the tools and techniques to engage, inspire and influence your audience.

Gain the confidence to present with impact, build your brand, and achieve success in your personal and professional life.

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and unlock your potential.

Program Offerings


Delivery Method

This is a 6-sessions online 90-minutes interactive workshop where you'll not only learn new presentation skills but also practice them in a supportive and engaging environment.


Only virtual classroom options are available.


Completion Certificate

As an ISBE Professional Development Provider, this program offers

Certificate of completion to the participants.




This Program is ONLY offered Virtually for the following dates:

Start Date: Thursday, August 3, 2023

End Date: Thursday, August 24, 2023


Please book your spot, limited seats are available.

Program Objectives & Outline

Good presentation skills allow you to be seen as an expert, build trust with your audience, and ultimately lead to increased sales and client engagement. Plus, speaking well can improve your professional image and reduce stress around presenting.


You will learn the following topics:

  • Speech or presentation structure (research has shown that audiences retain structured information 40% more accurately then unstructured information).

  • Ways to open and close your presentation that engages your audience.

  • Body language, stage craft and eye contact to visually reinforce your message.

  • Confidence techniques to help you overcome fear and reduce anxiety around public speaking.

  • Voice techniques such as vocal variety, pauses, speed, breathing techniques and posture.

  • Intelligent slide design to cognitively and physiologically optimize your slides.

  • We share storytelling techniques to connect with your audience and evoke emotions.

  • Figures of speech that improve retention and delivery.


Gary Hirson

Over 5 online sessions I worked with Terry Winship, The Speaking Genie to guide me through a 30-minute talk I was to give. There were many great aspects to her training. The slide presentation outlined the structure of a good talk, her time, critiquing the talk so that it was tight and professional, and also how she reiterated that it’s about the opening and the closing, and the in-between are just relatable stories.

Mary Brobyn

Wow! Working with Terry has had such a positive impact in my confidence in presenting.

Terry's knowledge and expertise in how to master your presentation is amazing! From getting clarity on your message, to structuring, timing and using brevity to engage and impact your audience.

I am much more aware of how a good presentation impacts on my business.

James Martin

Terry is probably the most insightful, intelligent and thoughtful presentation trainer I have worked with. Her knowledge of the best way to engage with a client/customer to get under their skin and truly understand objectives is second to none.
Her approach to build connection to their own objectives allows her to deliver training that helps her clients present with eloquence, brevity and humor - ensuring that they, themselves, are seen in the right light.

Public Speaker

Our Program Works!

The study concluded that participants experience improved confidence, knowledge of a selected topic and skills in communicating, goal setting, organizing, working with others, and doing research.

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