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Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is a coaching approach that takes the entire human being (including life experiences) into consideration, addressing the mental, physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the Self.

Integrating all aspects of the Self by connecting the dots of life’s experiences
provide an understanding to healing, wholeness and well-being.

Developing the mindfulness "muscle" creates the foundation for balance in life and, in particular, when facing challenges. By understanding one's trigger points and hearing the subconscious "chatter box," one can truly break free from old patterns.

Transformational Coaching helps individuals tune into their own inner knowing via “reflective compassionate mirroring”, uncovering the deeper cause/root of any particular issue being dealt with (rather than the symptom), and discovering profound treasures hidden within one’s deeper purpose.

Balancing Rocks

Reduced physical pain

Decrease in stress

Stop living on auto-pilot

Benefits Include

Decrease in anxiety
Align with purpose

Reduce in physical pain
Increase in clarity
Shift negative self talk
Improve immune function

And much more…



What Happens In A Coaching Session

Each transformational coaching session is designed to tap into one’s gifts and reveal any blocks that may be interfering with success in life. Wounds and blocks are treated with great care, as they are doorways to personal power when faced and healed.

Transformational work is subtle but powerful. There will be moments of profound realization or "aha" in this work, which lay the foundation for long-term success and sustainability.

The Program is geared for those who wish to:

  • Find the element of awareness and remain in the present moment

  • Develop a new approach to living with many stress-related conditions

  • Understand mind-body connection and its natural healing components

  • Improve self worth and relationships with others

  • Have a better awareness of thoughts and feelings and how they affects daily life

We believe in helping people unlock their potential and heal old internal programs by learning how to pay attention to one’s experience, to promote optimal health on all levels. Our work offers profound results when the inner work is applied.

Transformational Executive Coaching Program Includes:

  • Ten 1-hour life changing sessions

  • Integrative weekly teaching tools and systems

  • Vibrational alignment and how to use it daily

  • Mindfulness meditation practices

  • Breathing techniques

  • New positive and sustainable thoughts and behaviors

  • Measurement of progress and pattern identifiers

  • Communications via email throughout the week

  • Signed copy of "The Greatest Gift: Transformational Alchemy & Divine Illumination" - by Lisa M. Brazelton

  • Weekly progression assignments

“We have the ability to be greater than our circumstances, and see the beauty of what’s possible in our lives when we get out of our way. It’s time to bridge the gap between who we are and how we appear in the world.”

– Lisa M. Brazelton, Founder

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