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​We teach how to powerfully manage external demands and internal pressures, transform stress, and tap into one's own pure potential.

From a half-day workshop to comprehensive multi-day events, we have the expertise to assist in the best mindfulness and self-awareness professional development training for your organization.

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Happy Teachers

How Harnessing Inner Balance Transforms Classroom Calm

  • THREE (3) Half-day Sessions in a Calendar Year

  • For Schools and Individual Teachers

  • Offering Virtual and In-Person Classes

  • Summer Classes Available

  • CEU Credits

Empowering Youth

Mindfulness and Youth Behavioral Challenges

  • Half-Day Workshop

  • 3-Hours Duration

  • 90 minutes per session

  • Offering In-Person Classes Only

  • Mindfulness Tool/Pracitces

  • Great for Teachers

  • CEU Credits

P.A.L.S. Program
(Peace & Love in Schools)

Changing the Culture Within Schools

  • Peace Rooms Within School Eco-Systems

  • Proven Violence Reduction

  • Mental Health Tools in Mindfulness and SEL/Self-Regulation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitated by Trained WFTE Staff Per Room
Afternoon Light

Youth Peace  Program

Competencies for a Brighter Future

  • Half-Day Workshops 

  • Leadership Prowess
  • Personal Development
  • Offering Virtual and In-person classes

  • Starting Fall 2023
  • Intended for Youth

Youth Public Speaking Program

Empower your voice, ignite your potential

  • Five-Weeks Course

  • 1 session per week

  • 90 minutes per session

  • Offering Virtual Classes Only

  • Micro-certificate

  • Great for Building Inner-Confidence


A manhood development experience

  • Twelve Units Course

  • 2-3 Hours Per Unit

  • Group size- 10 to 20

  • Offering In-Person Classes Only

  • On-Going Program

  • Black boys and men aged 15-24 (Preferably joined by adult men in their life)

Building Blocks of Mindfulness

7 Empowering Strategies That Stick

  • 90-Minutes Workshops 

  • Offering Virtual and In-person classes

  • Summer Classes Available

  • Especially Designed for Teams & Staff

Stop, Pause, Breathe Series

Turning Roadblocks into Open Runways

  • Six-Weeks Course

  • 1 session per week

  • 90 minutes per session

  • Offering Virtual Classes Only

  • On-Going Program

  • Great for Upper Management Team


Bridging Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

  • Twelve-Sessions

  • 1 Year  Duration

  • 90 minutes per session

  • Offering Virtual Classes Only

  • On-Going Program

  • Small Group Cohorts

  • Especially Designed for Leaders

Afternoon Light

Journey To SELF

(Self-Exploration, Leadership, and Fulfillment)

  • Gamified Mobile Application

  • Based on "The Greatest Gift" Book
  • Backed With The Latest Research
  • Starting Spring 2024
  • Intended for Youth - High School and College Students

Want something that is uniquely your organization?
Let   Us   Customize  Your   Program!

Our programs provide you with

  • Optimize health and well-being 

  • Develop lasting inner balance

  • Feel better quicker

  • Harness pure potential

  • Positively impact others

  • Learn the secret of joy

  • Enhance performance 

  • Increase adaptive resilience

  • Foster meaningful connections

  • Nurture self

  • Recognize unconscious thoughts

  • Release repressed emotions

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