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Wisdom From The Edge™ believes in providing essential services to educators, camp staff, athletic coaches, and anyone who needs to redirect their focus to find inner balance and joy.   Now more than ever, our programs positively impact families throughout entire communities, and especially those that influence the social emotional well-being of children.


From in-person and virtual professional development, to summer training and special events, your year-end gift will ensure the vitality of WFTE and support is essential programs and services for the legacy of our children.

All donations are tax deductible.

Mindful Giving

Here is how you can join hands with us to support the individuals in need:

Sponsor a Cohort



Sponsor a small cohort of 8 teachers for our 5 week Happy Teachers Program.



Your donations will help us cover the program fee for 8 individuals.


Plus help them receive CEU credits to master their mental well-being.




Sponsor a teacher, a student, or a coach for one program, every

5 weeks.



Your donations will help us cover the program fee for 1 individual.


You can sponsor as many individuals as you desire.

One-Time Donation

You can support us by making a one-time donation to WFTE


Every donation expands our reach to help integrate self-care practices for educators, students, coaches, and underserved community members, and bring mindfulness soft skills to under served communities.

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