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Join hands with us to support Recalibration for YOUSELF and OTHERS

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Your donations will book your seat in The Recalibration 13-week journey!


Elevate your connections to the next level, whether it's with your team, family, or closest friends, by donating to Recalibrate someone else!

Reccurring Donations



Sponsor a teacher for our 4-week immersion program and they will receive CEU credits.



Your donations will help us cover the educational program fee for

one educator


You can sponsor as many individuals as you desire.

One-Time Donation

You can support us by making a one-time donation to our educational nonprofit organization.


Every donation expands our reach to help integrate self-care and wellbeing practices for ALL (educators, students, leaders, lightworkers, managers, parents). 

Help us RECALIBRATE those ready for positive change!


Suggested donations:

$500, $1000, $2500

More about the program

In the first session, we focus on present moment awareness, the importance of happiness, and teach basic breathwork for immediate stress release and cortisol reset. We emphasize the 4 elements of happiness and the importance of uncovering True Self, which help reduce anxiety, improve attention, control reaction, and strengthen social and emotional intelligence.  


Our interactive program encourages group exercises, as well as breakout sessions for sharing and community building and camaraderie with other like-minded participants. Self-assessments are given throughout the program to monitor progress and see improvements.  

Each session starts with a recap and then a self-assessment, noticing any changes and group sharing. Focus on self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal and professional success. We dive into the elements of stress and how stress affects the body, short and long term.

Participants learn how to become aware of negative loop thoughts with the help of exercises, and learn basic techniques on how to stop running thoughts from taking over, which help strengthen relationships and build compassionate practices in conflict resolution. Practice work is given between sessions for implementing different techniques and for maximum inner balance.

There is change across the board from participants which range from overall stress reduction and exhaustion, to feeling more patient and joyful.  


We recap the previous session’s assignment and encourage sharing between participants. We dive into We dive into mindfulness practices such as gratitude and empathy, learn new breath exercises and share experiences between breakout groups.  


Emphasis on self-care practices for long term effects, healthy boundaries and learning a new rhythm of mindfulness into daily life. You will develop skills which you can apply immediately to your life. 

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