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Overcoming Fear Through Acceptance - The Breakthrough To Our Human Evolution

As we continue to be challenged by daily life disruptions and future unknowns, fear is still the greatest virus we are facing. Overthinking and overextending negative thought loops taxes our minds and sends our body into cortisol shock. Humans are able to imagine worst-case scenarios, however this trait leaves us feeling powerless and impacts our ability to see life clearly. The human mind is one of the greatest agents we embody, and yet almost all systems of thought create constriction with opinions, distortion, seriousness and victim-hood.

The constriction we feel about our survival is where fear resides. Constriction is the physical manifestation of fear, and the paradox is that fear creates an effective biofeedback loop that ensures our survival. Fear is afraid of itself, which ensures it always survives. But the current global crisis begs us to go inward and understand fear at its essence.

There are many types of fear, but the deepest is the fear of not existing; the fear of death individually or the fear of extinction collectively. If we are able to uncoil fear and have the courage to break this biofeedback loop, we will find that simply feeling fear reduces it down to its essentials. Deeply entrenched in the chemistry of the body, we will actually discover the thread to acceptance.

When we can experience the true constriction fear brings up, we no longer need to be afraid of fear because it is in acceptance that releases fear.

The essence of acceptance uncoils fear. Acceptance is not a technique nor is it something that can easily be understood.

However, acceptance is something we are born with and yet, the more we accept the more life will test us. But these challenges will deepen our trust in life and soften our grip to control. Acceptance releases layers of fear residing in all humans and when we relax into these layers, something deep inside shifts. The more we can accept (self, others, current global crisis, etc), the more joy, kindness and love will blossom in our lives.

Emotions are at an all time high individually and collectively, and a great way of releasing emotional upsets is through acceptance.

Uncoiling is an emotional process and necessary to be free of our emotional upsets. Emotions will unfold into acceptance of more positive emotional state.

What can you do that will physically shift your mindset?

Mindfulness Practices

  • Put your attention on your intention. Each and every single day we have the opportunity to learn something new. In fact, pieces of information enter your mind per minute. This infiltration of knowledge is a tool that can be used for reflection. Begin reflecting more often about your actions, experiences and their results. This will help you sift through the information you are receiving and generate an awareness about what is useful, what is valuable and what doesn’t work.

  • Take a virtual yoga class, go for a walk, cook at great meal with your family, listen to the power of positive music, breathe deeply for 3 minutes, journal, dance, catch up with an old friend or colleague, or even create a list of 10 things you appreciate about your spouse or partner. The key is to get out of fear and into a new mind space, mentally and physically.

  • Turn off the news and social media for a set time (3 hours minimum).

  • Contemplate on the following questions - What can I accept about my current situation? How can acceptance make an impact in an area in my life that I am not in control? What am I afraid to face?

Mindfulness and meditation are keys to sovereignty. Meditation provides grounding and calmness to one’s life. When practiced, meditation aids in positive attitude, patience and clarity. Meditation is a powerful tool that can be practiced by anyone, and its benefits span from relieving stress to increasing overall happiness and health. Yes, an increased immune system and quicker healing time are incredible benefits of meditation.

By Lisa M. Brazelton


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