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Ignite Your Leadership Legacy

Calling ALL Thought Leaders! Are you ready to live your LEGACY?

Thought Leaders have an innovative and often revolutionary approach to discovering human consciousness, ancient cultures, planetary awareness, global sustainability, business transformation, scientific awakening and the like.

As leaders, we have a greater responsibility to be whole humans who believe in the infinite potential of what's possible and are living examples of how to BE in all aspects of life.

We are being called to look beyond our worldly successes and contemplate a deeper meaning in life and purpose. What is required is being a whole BEING.

There is no exception. Whether leading an organization, a government, a classroom, or a movement, a new wave of thinking, doing, and behaving is necessary for the evolution of humanity.

The new definition of leadership success is no longer the success of one’s life according to the present standards, which include the accumulation of money, possessions and notable achievements. It’s not about accumulating value through financial worth but rather that which transcends all material success.

Financial attainment, interpersonal communication, business acumen, trade knowledge, strategic thinking, and sound decision-making are all key to leadership success. But there is another layer, another level of responsibility that is now being required by Thought Leaders, and it is to set the example of knowing thyself.

Knowing thyself is an intricate weave of purpose, service and connection at the deepest level through contemplation, concentration and introspection.

Mastering thyself takes a lifetime in the continual process of sifting and refining awareness, becoming acutely aware of streams of consciousness, patterns of behavior, belief systems and automatic responses to opinions, choices, and attitudes, and the connection to all things (and no-thing).

However, many leaders have not mastered knowing thyself, which is where wisdom can be imparted. How can we tap into ancient wisdom beyond meditation, inquiries and experiences, and how does that influence our voice?

For me, I have felt close to great attainment but intuitively knew there was something more to receive in personal transformation and professional advancement not yet discovered.

As Thought Leaders, we have a meaningful, unique message to engage the masses, and yet many of us haven’t excelled at powerfully delivering that message. How does knowing thyself create the tipping point to bridging that gap?

Learn how to profoundly change your life and impact the world with your unique voice.


Lisa M. Brazelton


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