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Happy Teachers: How Harnessing Inner Balance Transforms Classroom Calm

This program enables the participants to learn about different practices of Restorative Justice Philosophy, and how these practices can be applied to subvert the legacy of white supremacy and colonization. Participants examine restorative practices and gain knowledge in implementation of these practices, especially talking circles, to enhance relational trust, pro-social behavior, positive communication, and a healthy learning environment to cultivate harmonious co-existence free of domination.


Program Objectives

  • Utilize a restorative mindset and restorative practices to better understand and respond to conflict in the school.

  • Plan and implement a circle for a specific purpose, whether in service of instruction and course content or enhancing positive rapport and enhancing the learning environment.

  • Incorporate Circle Practice as a routine for healthy classroom communication and building a positive, healthy and safe learning environment.

Program Achievements

Program Offerings


Our Program Works!

The study concluded that small group settings and short
intervals, along with practice exercises to implement weekly,
resulted in less stress and overall happiness.

“Being a positive role model involves inner work and healthy
self-discipline in mindfulness, meditation, and mindset.”

- Founder Lisa M. Brazelton

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