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​We teach adults how to powerfully navigate external demands, internal
pressure, manage stress, and overall burnout in order to be their very best consistently.


From a half-day workshop to comprehensive multi-day events, we have the expertise to assist in the best mindfulness and self-awareness professional development training for your organization.

We provide positive solutions for overcoming challenges, manage stress and conflicts through personal growth programs, including masterminds for leaders, coaches, and teachers across all sectors and all generations.  


In-Person Training Groups

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  • Half-Day Workshops 

  • Inner Balance Immersion Programs

  • Spironess Breathwork Training

  • Summer Intensive


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  • 90-Min Workshops

  • Half-Day Virtual Workshops

  • Chopra Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Class

  • Meditation, Motivation, and Mindset

Leadership Coaching

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  • One-on-one Coaching

  • The Recalibration Program - small group coaching

  • Package rates are available


What are the benefits?

  • Optimize health and well-being 

  • Develop lasting inner balance

  • Feel better quicker

  • Harness pure potential

  • Positively impact others

  • Learn the secret of joy

  • Enhance performance 

  • Increase adaptive resilience

  • Foster meaningful connections

  • Nurture self

  • Recognize unconscious thoughts

  • Release repressed emotions

Want something that is uniquely your organization?
Let   Us   Customize  Your   Program!

Our Fields of Expertise

Aurervetic Health and Nutrition

Meditation and Breathwork

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Collaborative Problem Solving



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Empathetic Listening and Communication 

Mindfulness Practices

and Techniques

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Self-Care and


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