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Webinars On Healing

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Join us August 8, 2022 at 10am CST for a discussion about how Astrology can support and guide you in your business and personal life. 


In this webinar, Discover Your Keys to Success with Astrology, you will learn how to manage life with greater ease by discovering where planets sit in your chart and whether you are a entrepreneur, conscious creator, or a CEO, your natal astrology chart is a map to help guide to your highest potential and to your deepest fulfillment.


When it comes to business and career planning, astrology is an invaluable tool that not only helps us better understand our own energy and that of our soul, but can also help us uncover our ultimate direction and soul purpose in life, how we best earn money and the people we should involve to help us along the way.


If you would like a brief look at your astrology, have your exact date, time and location of birth on hand.

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Patty Tate
Business Astrologer

Patricia Tate is an educator and consultant. She has built a successful business that educates, informs and inspires in Business Astrology.  With over 34 years of experience working with students and adults, Patty uses her Masters in Adult Education and Counseling, as an educator in the Ohio public school system.

Her company, Willow Grace Mystik, LLC provides consultation, workshops, and classes in astrology to help clients recognize their strengths, strategic timing, and awareness with self and in relationships.

She leads groups, classes and workshops on health and wellness to provide people with a path to their authentic self.  Her intentions are to help grow and expand humanity in graceful, artful ways.

Monday, August 8, 2022
at 10am CST

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