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Happy School Kid

Teachers Tools For Empowering Youth Program
Mindfulness and Youth Behavior Challenges

In today's world, stress impacts all of us in ways greater than ever before in our history.


Wisdom From The Edge believes that children are the barometer of this reality. Children that internalize stress tend to shut down.


Children who externalize stress exhibit challenging behaviors. In this program, teachers will learn how to correctly assess behaviors through skills such as empathetic listening, social-emotional awareness, emotional regulation, de-escalating techniques, and “nonflict” strategies. 


Teachers will learn how to have effective collaborative conversations with their students and form a partnership that develops hope, agency and success.

Program Offerings


Delivery Method

This Half Day Workshop offers teachers practical and evidence-based strategies for promoting positive youth behavior.


In-person and virtual classroom options available.


CPDU's/Lane Placement

As an ISBE Professional Development Provider, this program offers

15 CEU's plus 1 Lane Placement

Certificate of completion


COST: $250



More Information is coming soon!


Dates for in-person and virtual program will be announced soon.

Please check back for updates.

Program Objectives & Outline

This powerful program offers teachers practical and evidence-based strategies for promoting positive youth behavior. Some highlights of the program include:

  • Understanding the roots of problem behavior: The program helps teachers understand the underlying reasons for problematic behavior, such as stress, trauma, or unmet needs, and how to address them.

  • Developing positive relationships with students: We emphasizes the importance of building positive and respectful relationships with students to create a safe and supportive learning environment.

  • Implementing positive behavior support: Teachers are taught how to implement positive behavior support strategies that are proactive, preventative, and focus on reinforcing positive behavior.

  • Managing challenging behaviors: The program provides practical strategies for managing challenging behaviors, including de-escalation techniques, behavior contracts, and consequence systems.

  • Promoting social-emotional learning: The program helps teachers promote social-emotional learning by teaching skills such as emotional regulation, problem-solving, and empathy.

  • Collaborating with families and other professionals: Teachers need support and our program emphasizes the importance of collaborating with families and other professionals to support the positive development of students.


Our Program Works!

The study concluded that small group settings and short
intervals, along with practice exercises to implement weekly,
resulted in less stress and overall happiness.

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