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What is Spironess?

SPIRONESS™ is a physiologically based respiratory strength and conditioning program created by Dr.Florence Villien in the late 90's.  Her intensive study of the respiratory system and autonomic nervous system guided her in creating a conditioning program purely based on then way the body was created to breathe.​

Her method will optimize the respiratory system's efficiencies and more importantly reprogram the parasympathetic nervous system to naturally create a new pattern of breathing.

In a laboratory setting, the SPIRONESS™ method has been proven to :​

  • Help you naturally "BREATHE" ---less instead of being breathless

  • Naturally create a new breathing rhythm

  • Improve endurance

  • Enhance your stress threshold

  • Regulate cardiovascular system like lowering blood pressure

  • Enhance somatic awareness

An optimized and more efficient respiratory system will help you in every activity including mindfulness, meditative and therapeutic practices.


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This 3 hr. workshop will walk you through the basics of the Spironess™ method and the Situational Spironess™ method. Learn why a physiology-based breathing method is important
for naturally improving the way your body breathes at rest and in times of stress. Walk away from the workshop with a personalized plan and understanding of how you can integrate Spironess™ into your daily regime for yourself or your students. The Spironess™ method will help you reset at any moment and elevate your meditation, fitness, body-work, yoga or other self-care practices.

Register for a workshop find out how Spironess™ can bring out your best!

Spironess Certification

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The Level 1 certification covers the physiology, science, assessments, techniques, and program design of the Spironess™ method. Certified practitioners will be able to teach the perfect execution of all the Spironess™ techniques, create programs and adapt techniques according to the needs of their environment. The Level 1 certification is a 3-day workshop designed to ensure the precise execution Spironess so that your students and staff will benefit from the very first session.

If you are a coach, trainer, therapist, or instructor and are looking to stay on the leading edge with a physiologically based breathing method, the Level 1 Spironess™ certification will round out your existing arsenal of tools and elevate your marketability. Spironess™ differentiates itself from most other breathing methods as it is purely physiology-based. Obtaining a Level 1 certification will ensure that you can help your varying school's needs with a breathing method that is adaptable to all levels of mobility, fitness or health.

Help retrain your students and staff’s rhythm of breathing so that they can naturally breathe better and more efficiently. The Spironess™ method will be a vital part of your work that will help clients increase their stress response, lower key cardiac parameters and increase work output with less effort.


Join an elite group of Spironess™ practitioners from around the world and

bring your clients the best in breath!

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