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Happy Coaches Lead Winning Teams

Unlock Your Winning Potential

Competition is a strong motivator to being the best and winning, however many studies have found that unhealthy competitiveness promotes anger and destructive behavior from the coaches and onto the athletes.


This program brings the powerful tool of Mindfulness into play to help coaches manage stress, build resilience, and cultivate emotional intelligence, as well as learn how their well-being and happiness are critical factors in building a successful team.

Program Offerings


Delivery Method

This Half Day Workshop offers Coaches practical and evidence-based strategies for promoting positive youth behavior.


In-person classroom options available.


CPDU's/Lane Placement

As an ISBE Professional Development Provider, this program offers

15 CEU's plus 1 Lane Placement

Certificate of completion


COST: $250



This Program is currently offered Virtually for the following dates:

Start Date: Thursday, August 3, 2023

End Date: Thursday, August 24, 2023


Dates for in-person will be announced soon.

Please check back for updates.

Program Objectives & Outline

This powerful program offers Leagues and Teams practical and evidence-based strategies for promoting positive youth behavior. In this program coaches will learn and implement;

  • Mindful Leadership: The program will teach coaches how to lead mindfully by incorporating mindfulness practices into their coaching approach. This includes mindfulness meditations, breathing exercises, and body scans to help coaches stay present, focused, and calm.

  • Mindful Communication: The way coaches communicate can be empowering or controlling.  The practice of active listening and non-judgmental communication are skills to help coaches tune in to their own emotions and become more aware of the emotions of their team members.

  • Mindful Team-Building: The program incorporates mindfulness practices into team-building exercises to help team members develop deeper connections and build a stronger sense of community. Some of the exercises we teach involve group meditations, mindful movement exercises, and team-building activities that promote mindfulness and self-awareness.

  • Mindful Performance Management: managing team performance can be very effective through the practice of mindfulness. Team members who set, mindful goals, monitor their progress and provide non-judge, mental, and supportive feedback provide the support that individual players need to grow into their optimal performance. 

  • Mindful Well-Being: Emphasis on the importance of mindfulness practices for coaches' well-being, providing strategies to manage stress, maintain work-life balance, and build resilience is key. Coaches lead by example and when they incorporate breathing exercises, and other mindfulness practices, they cultivate a positive and resilient mindset.


Our Program Works!

The study concluded that small group settings and short
intervals, along with practice exercises to implement weekly,
resulted in less stress and overall happiness.

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