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Classroom Lecture
Classroom Lecture

About Us

We are an educational non-profit dedicated to transforming the climate and culture of organizations through the latest research in neuroscience, trauma informed practices, mindfulness soft skills and self care tools. 


By expanding perspective and understanding some of the most perplexing questions facing humankind today, we can discover the next generation of human capability with equanimity, compassion, and insight.

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To provide groundbreaking programs intersecting self-awareness, mindfulness and neuroscience for personal and professional development, across all sectors and all generations.


Our vision is to advance humanity to reach unprecedented heights through helping individuals master their minds.

“Being a positive role model involves the inner work of a healthy self-discipline of mindfulness, meditation, and mindset.”

– Lisa M. Brazelton, Founder

Our Fields of Expertise

Aurervetic Health and Nutrition

Meditation and Breathwork

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Collaborative Problem Solving



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Empathetic Listening and Communication 

Mindfulness Practices

and Techniques -

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Self-Care and


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We have over 40 years of combined experience in business, education,

neuroscience, and mindfulness.


This incubator team has been on the edge of change and advocacy for a better humanity for over twenty years, leading organizations, leaders, teachers, and students to self-awareness

and pure potential.

We have been in the trenches, working with those who understand that their inner balance and well-being is the most important journey to positively impact and influence our future children.  Now, more than ever, is the time to expand our programs to teachers, coaches, and staff globally, and bring altruistic communities together for the betterment of humankind.

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Lisa   M.  Brazelton

Chair, Head of Education Committee, Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor, Mindfulness Writer/Author and Transformational Coach

Lisa is a business executive, author, and an internationally recognized educator on the intersection of human potential and the evolution of our humanity. Lisa is a thriving global executive, who paves the way of doing business with revolutionary insight, creativity, and collaboration. She birthed several companies including Wisdom from the Edge in 2020. Lisa has published scores of blogs/articles, written dozens of self-development courses, and created multiple programs in self-mastery and mindfulness for personal and professional development. 

David Temkin

LCSW, School Social Worker, Chopra Health™ Instructor, and Head of Teacher Committee

David is uniquely qualified to facilitate the professional development activities on social-emotional learning from Wisdom From the Edge.
He draws from his decades of experience as
an educator, school social worker, and Chopra health/meditation instructor, to deliver a culturally-and developmentally-appropriate curricula for students of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and abilities.

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Phoebe  Manalang

ND, MSMF, QRA, PhD Candidate

Spironess Master Trainer, Research Committee

Phoebe has over 30 years of management in the fitness and wellness industry and 15 years in complementary and alternative therapies. She is a certified naturopath, respiratory conditioning specialist and a biofeedback and neurofeedback practitioner. Her PhD in Applied Psychophysiology is focused on researching respiratory conditioning methodologies to improve the body’s stress response. She integrates her knowledge and research to forge new pathways that promote optimal mental and physical health.  

“Be the Impact You Want to See in the World”
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