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Becoming Pure Potential

We are an educational non-profit organization serving children and the adults who care for them.


Our programs and publications center around mindfulness and inner-balance for youth and adults.

We teach how to powerfully navigate external demands, internal pressures, manage stress, and tap into one's own creative genius.

Male Teacher with Students

“Harnessing inner balance positively influences
our lives and ultimately heals the social-emotional wounds of our children."

– Lisa M. Brazelton, Founder

Who We  Are

We aim to bring tools and practices in mental/emotional, physical/physiological, and energetic/spiritual well being together to teach Whole Body Harmonics™ to students, teachers, coaches, staff, and under-served communities.

Our mission is to bridge adult inner balance and their influence on children with empowering programs for all generations.


We provide instruction, systems and support to students, educators, athletic coaches, camp and community staff, and first responders for the betterment of humanity.


Young Teacher

What We  Do

We provide positive solutions for overcoming challenges, managing stress and
conflicts and personal growth programs, including mastery classes for students, teachers, leaders and staff across all sectors and all generations.
We work with academic institutions, extracurricular clubs, hospitals, law enforcement and low income communities.


What are the Benefits?

  • Optimize health and well-being 

  • Develop long lasting inner balance

  • Feel better quicker

  • Harness pure potential

  • Positively impact others

  • Learn the secret of joy

  • Enhance performance 

  • Increase adaptive resilience

  • Foster meaningful connections

  • Nurture self

  • Release unconscious thoughts

  • Release repressed emotions

We aim to transform the climate and culture through the latest research in neuroscience, trauma informed practices, mindfulness soft skills , and self care practices. 

Who Can Benefit?

  • Schools

  • Camps

  • Sports Teams

  • First Responders

  • Businesses

  • Communities

Mindful Giving

Be part of our community and gain valuable insights and connections


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LIVE monthly webinars on new research, healing practices and the latest in consciousness science.


You can support us by making a one-time donation to WFTE


Every donation expands our reach to help integrate self-care practices for educators and first responders,  and bring mindfulness soft skills to under served communities.

We rely heavily on scientific data in psychophysiology, neuroplasticity and epigenetics

to address complex problems related to trauma and human well-being.   


Music Teacher

- Retired Teacher

“I hope people can see how wonderful your programs are and what a difference you are making for CPS students and faculty. I sure didn’t have anything like this either as a teacher or student”

Teacher in Classroom


“I value your knowledge and your unique way of helping the students and teachers. Thank you for being a positive role model to everyone you come in contact with.”

Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

- Student

“Today I decided to be vulnerable during a reflective consultation at work.  My team was supportive and I felt liberated.  I allowed myself to be my authentic self.  It was an amazing feeling.  I am not scared or worried about what people think or say about me.  I am worthy and allowed to tell my story”

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